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Within technologic proceeding we use these mashines and equipments:

Material splitting:  

  • band, circular and power hack saws
  • profile and plate shears
  • hand operated flame cutting mashines
  • flame cutting mashines with copying
  • after splitting, edges and surfaces are processed by beveling, milling or grinding

Material shaping (bending, punching process, straightening, flattening)
  • eccentric press
  • assembly press
  • plate bending mashine (up to the thickness of 16 mm and the width of 2000 mm)

Material welding
  • semi-automatic welding in the atmosphere of gases according to the methods MAG, MIG  and E
  • flame welding and cutting
  • welding semi-automat for welding under fluxing

Chipping mills
  • drilling mashines
  • lathes
  • milling mashines, shapers
  • boring mashines
  • threading mashines

Material handling
  • travelling crane/traveller – weight carrying capacity up to 8000 kg (material splitting and welding)
  • travelling crane – weight carrying capacity up to 3200 kg (mashining operations)
  • crane truck-weight carrying capacity up to 8000 kg and 12000 kg (according to the length of arm)
  • lift cars – weight carrying capacity up to 5000 kg.

Surface treatment
  • surface chipping before painting
  • painting systems (painting by high pressure, or low pressure spray devices)

Areas of a place of  business in Švábovce: 41 800 m2
production areas                  6 091 m2
storage areas  covered        1 500 m2
                        opened        2 000 m2

Number of employees: 98

Total production  in 2007: Sk 176 million
Indirect exports (from the above sum): Sk 115 million

The high quality of our products is guaranteed by non-destructive methods of testing such as ultrasonic, magnetic and penetration ones, performed in our quality department. If required, we also  apply X-ray and destructive methods of testing.

Our plant is a holder of the following certifications and authorizations:
  • A Major Welding Certificate according to DIN 188 00, part 7 from SLV Hannover Germany
  • A Quality System Management Certificate according to EN ISO 9001:2000 from SGS Group (Societe Generale de Surveillance)
  • Our production is in conformity with the national and international standards STN, EN, DIN and  GOST.

Our business partners and references
Our important foreign customers are:
  • customer in Norway – equipments for bridge concreting
  • customer in Denmark – constructions for electrostatic and bag filtres
  • Our products have been exported to the Czech Republic, Holland, Belgium, France,    Switzerald, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Greece, Brazil, Nigeria and the USA.

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